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About Us

Project Executive Summary

The Ohio School Wellness Initiative was designed to explore, implement, and sustain a full continuum of care including prevention, early intervention, and treatment practices for K-12 students within local districts who adopt student assistance programs, Tier II/III supports, and staff wellness frameworks. 


To develop and disseminate Ohio Student Assistance Program and Staff Wellness models for schools and community-based mental health and substance abuse organizations to access and implement to support the wellness of K-12 students, families, and communities. Lead to positive student and school outcomes; promote awareness of wellness, prevention, and student assistance programs; and generate interest in implementing the Ohio SAP and Staff Wellness model.

Professor & Students

Core Guiding Principles

The overall goal of the Ohio School Wellness Initiative is to ensure that all students and staff, especially the most vulnerable, will have access to mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse, and wellness services and supports.  We have identified four core guiding principles that we believe are essential “pillars” for all resources, tools, and training that are developed as part of Ohio’s Model SAP:

1) Systematic

2) Equitable

3) Collaborative

4) Sustainable

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